Saturday, December 15, 2007

word use in writing erotica; diff. between porno and art

As a reader I'd rather do than read erotic activity. But if I am reading it, then I find some language use inappropriate. I personally do not like harsh words like "cum" "clit". I also think the Victorian style usage"heaving breasts" and "throbbing member" is just plain silly.

Certain anatomical terms are equally ridiculous as they just don't lend themselves to rolling smoothely off the tongue in the middle of a hot clinch.

Therefore when I wrote the love/sex scenes in my working ms. a lesbian love story "The Horse Rescuer's Rescue" I chose words that did not distract me. I will list a small segment of the ms. so you can see what I'm talking about.

It was important to let the reader see that they are in love AND in lust. It is equally important to show the reader--so they cna relate from inside out, not tell ro elcture them. Which is dry and clinical.

"She drew down on my nipple. sucking hard. I felt the crisp white edges of her teeth. She made a purple mark over my heart with her mouth, pointed it out to me, whispered, "See there Ruthie? I just wrote my name. It says ' here's Jodi's Girl'"

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Erin said...

Great thoughts! But don't you ever feel the LUST? If you did, would some of those other words work? Could "Fuck" have a place in your poetry or prose then?

Loved the excerpt...please put more in!